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Scanners: Stand up and defend your rights

November 16, 2010

Over the past year one of the most frequent pro-scanner comments I have seen on Internet discussion boards and comments sections has been “Flying is not a right, it is a privilege”. Every time I read it, I feel a sinking feeling in my gut and my shoulders droop with despair. It is yet another sign that we are being dragged into global media-induced slavery. Privileges are granted by a higher authority, usually for obedient behaviour. In the old USSR, for example, Communist party card holders would receive special privileges over everyone else – like food for example. Rights, however, are the opposite. They exist before and as the underlying base of any so-called “free” society. The concept of Democracy, for example, cannot exist without a good set of inalienable rights. A Democracy must therefore be false if it grants citizens privileges. In discussing the relationship between a government and citizens, privileges can only belong in a Dictatorship.


But what are the rights of a free people? They are an abstract of ourselves, of our hopes, desires and our sense of individualism and liberty. Rights are what we need to exist… the right to live, for example. Slaves do not have rights, only free people. Rights are nothing to do with the words on pieces of paper that were signed by elected representatives. They cannot be rescinded, restricted or modified at will as they are fundamental to the free human spirit. Politicians have no business messing with our rights no matter what the circumstances. Our rights are what WE say they are. And I have the right to travel unimpeded, un-irradiated, un-violated and without being treated as a criminal or an enemy of their state. I do not need the European Union, the United Nations, the British parliament or the US congress to debate and decide what my rights are. I will tell the European Union, the US Congress and all the others exactly what MY rights are. Nor do I need to be treated like a potential criminal by the TSA or any other airport security racket. A global programme of castration of all men would undoubtedly prevent any more rape cases, but we don’t treat half the population of the world as potential rapists, do we? So why treat 2.5 billion air travellers per year, men, women, children and babies, as potential terrorists?


Just like your body, your rights need to be exercised. If not, they will become flabby and weak. Which is why we are calling on all of you to join us in protest, in signing the petitions, writing to your congressmen, ministers, local and national press, etc. to voice your opposition to the scanners.


More than a violation of human rights declarations, more than a violation of our constitutional rights, more than a serious health hazard, more than a nonsensical security contradiction, the scanners programme marks one of the most daring and shameless steps in striping us all of what is left of our rights. If they are successful, you will see the programme extended to train stations, public buildings, sports stadiums, and inevitably schools and colleges. This has already begun in the US, and we will see it globally if we do not speak out now. If we accept the scanners by simply not opposing them, we will path the way for ever more audacious and offensive “security” measures.  Don’t sit idly by. Organise, team up, inform, raise questions, expand the public debate and, above all, protest!

SIGN THE PETITIONS NOW and pass the message on!



Defend your rights.

End the terror.




Sam Edi


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  1. Mary permalink
    November 17, 2010 5:45 am

    Check out the latest in regards to all of this! Heaven help us all!


  2. November 21, 2010 6:08 am

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  3. November 26, 2010 9:57 pm

    Finally blog with useful informations.

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